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Rescue Instructors Group Training Courses

Courses offered The vast majority of deaths during natural disasters are a result of drowning. There is no denying of the relevance of swiftwater and flood rescue training. Additionally, there have been many incidents throughout the world where rescuers with inadequate or no training manage to get themselves and fellow colleagues into trouble in or near water. Our courses provide suitable training for all personnel who may be deployed in this type of environment or who have management responsibilities during emergencies. It is a proven fact that your personnel will respond to help someone in immediate peril! The real question is: Will you provide them with the necessary skill sets to be successful and return home safely to their Family?

Customized RIG-US Courses

RIG-US is uniquely capable of providing custom courses to meet your individual agencies specific mission or training requirements to include custom equipment packages.  Contact us via email at info@rig-us.com with your questions or to schedule an appointment to discuss your agencies goals and current mission sets that you wish to expand or update to the latest industry standards.


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