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Rescue Instructors Group: Consulting Services

RIG-US works with our professional partners serving in Fire Rescue Services, Military (Active Duty, National Guard, and Reserves Forces), Law Enforcement, and Emergency Management organizations in order to prepare them to assess and successfully take on complex 21st century issues.  Our strategic insight, domain knowledge and professional capabilities help our customers to not only be mission ready but also position themselves to handle unforeseen events.  Our commitment is to be your trusted, long-term partner, who works side by side with our customers; offering expert, objective advice to help solve your most important and complex problems.  Our approach to management and technology consulting combines capitalizing on the existing broad base expertise of both civilian government and military organizations; and combining them with RIG-US strong capabilities across the organizational spectrums of strategy, organizational norms and customs, analytics, technology and operations.  By leveraging our past experience, RIG-US anticipates, identifies and addresses your specific mission requirements.

A Consulting Capability that Sets Us Apart from Others

RIG-US utilizes its past experience to help customers prepare for the future.  Our legacy in management consulting enables us to foresee and develop systems on behalf of our customers in ways our competitors cannot; in part because our consultants are current members of nationally accredited organizations.  We look beyond the requirements of individual customers needs to address the broader context of our customer's mission.  Our approach is one built upon relationships that go back years with our customers.  Our ability to meet and exceed customer expectations originates in first understanding your missions and organizational goals and then building upon them to enhance your resource capabilities.

Broad Technical and Analytic Experience

As the needs of our customers have grown more complex, RIG-US has expanded beyond its professional training foundation to develop deep expertise in technology, engineering, and analytics.  As it has been in the past, tomorrows powerful new ideas will embrace both strategy and developing technology.  RIG-US's technical, engineering and analytic excellence is backed by strategy, which enables our customers to know that their solution will meet both current and future mission ready goals.  We look at problems through multiple dimensions to understand our customer's real needs and then work as one team to develop effective results.

Meeting Your Mission

RIG-US is a committed partner not only to our customers, but also to the institution of government, the communities in which we work, and the international rescue community. We leverage our management and technology consulting capabilities to help customers in a numerous ways such as:

  • Preparing for current and future challenges
  • Transforming your technology
  • Informing your decisions
  • Engineering your programs and maximizing  your resource effectiveness
  • Disaster preparedness; planning, exercises, and disaster surge support
Preparing for Current and Future Challenges:

Our mission: helping you achieve your mission.  Today's environment of constrained funding challenges all organizations to achieve more with fewer resources at the same time you are facing greater demands than in previous years and agencies must respond to today's mission sets while preparing for tomorrows challenges.  RIG-US brings together experienced people, quality processes, and leading-edge technology to help you accomplish this challenging task.  Leveraging the experience of leaders in aviation, public safety, and the military; RIG-US is able to deliver mission proven solutions that increase asset performance while compressing inherit risk in operations.  Booz Allen supports the military, law enforcement, emergency management, fire services, and government agencies across the entire scope of emergency response services.  We address your responsibilities at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels to ensure our customers are prepared for today and ready for what's next.

Transform Your Technology

As agencies address 21st century challenges, they must meet many mission-critical objectives through us of advanced technology.  RIG-US supports you with our unique technology consulting services.  RIG-US technology consulting services provide highly skilled experts who maintain a current knowledge of leading technologies.  Our consultants combine their specialized skills with the firm's proven problem-solving customer first approach, ensuring that we understand your mission sets and objectives.  Our consulting approach, combined with mission understanding and technology expertise, provides us with the unique ability to design, develop and implement the best possible technology solution for your organization.

Our areas of expertise in technology consulting services include:

  • Multi-agency interoperability
  • Communication consulting services range from large scale satellite services to small element wireless communication
  • Accomplish more with fewer resources
  • Improve productivity, accountability, and reputation
  • Craft and implement specific, practical, and customized strategies and mission-specific solutions
Inform your decisions

Make informed decisions about key programs, investments, and technologies from a position of true strength by analyzing the required cost and budget constraints, assessing, optimizing and allocating available resources against requirements, and ensuring stakeholder concerns to inform your decisions and clarify the best course of action before costly mistakes are made.  RIG-US consultants assist customers with war-gaming to prepare for what's next by immersing them in all possible scenarios to identify risks, implications, and consequences, which help our customers, make decisions based upon relevant data that aligns with missions, environments, and stakeholder concerns.

Engineering Your Programs and Maximizing Resource Effectiveness
Our consultants help you analyze and understand the end-to-end capability impacts of processes, platforms, systems, material and non-material solutions to your programs. We identify capability gaps and redundancy in organizations, processes, systems and evaluate alternatives to achieve mission goals.  Know the Mission, the Risk, and the Solution.  Ensuring safe mission success is the number-one priority for our customers. Accomplishing mission goals requires informed decisions that gauge risks to key programs, assets, and investments. RIG-US consultants work with customers to address their toughest challenges and improve their mission performance. To accomplish this, we provide subject matter expertise; integrate the latest technology with exceptional human expertise found in your organization and cultured to optimize results.
Our services include:
  • Capabilities-Based Assessments; provide significant analytics to back up critical mission-related decisions and improve mission performance.  We not only help identify capability needs but also evaluate alternatives against stakeholder priorities.
  • Vulnerability Assessments; make better decisions on how to deal with possible degradation of capabilities in any situation. Our solutions provide insights to better understand existing and emerging vulnerabilities, and potential opportunities to mitigate system failures
  • Policy Analysis; we provide techniques and tools to inform policy makers in framing, making, and implementing program decisions.
  • Total Systems Approach; we consider the totality of your programs by integrating organizational culture (human perspective) with, equipment and training programs.
Disaster Preparedness Planning, Exercises and Support

Government agencies, private companies, first responders, and military agencies face more complex emerging threats than before in history.  They must be prepared to respond to catastrophic, environmental, and unexpected events without prior notice.  We support emergency management and response agencies as they develop strategic plans, training programs and course development.

Our strategy and technology consultants use proven methodologies to support you throughout the planning, resourcing, execution and after action life cycle of exercises by bringing together exercise development professionals with subject matter experts in one mission focused team dedicated to supporting you.  We help stakeholders build on their shared experience, bridge organization cultural barriers, gain insight and understand their respective roles and interactions. We help them identify common ground among the stakeholders and build multi-agency partnerships.

RIG-US possesses extensive of disaster planning best practices, subject matter expertise, and proven methodologies needed for providing successful support to our clients in exercise design, development, and delivery.  We provided proven, tailored training and product development to uniquely fit your most challenging disaster preparedness needs. Whether you're managing today's issues or looking beyond the horizon, count on us to help you be ready for what's next.

Our disaster preparedness planning and exercise capabilities extend to the following:
  • Exercise Design, Development, and Execution
  • Training, Coaching, and Facilitation
  • Specialized Subject Matter Expertise
  • Evaluation and Data Analysis
  • Developing customized turn-key solutions

Agencies turn to us to integrate analyses that disclose overlaps and gaps, and interoperability issues in the context of real-world mission scenarios, ultimately building a "one-team one-mission" culture among the stakeholders.

RIG-US corporate culture of "one-team one-mission" ensures that we are available during a disaster by providing "surge support" if requested with expert staff to assist emergency management leaders.  RIG-US also has capacity to field multiple NIMS typed one water and helicopter rescue teams that can be pre-deployed into you mission support are to boost your agencies response capabilities.   RIG-US stands "MISSION READY" to support you immediately!

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