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Cliff RescueHoisteRescue Instructors Group US (RIG-US) Corporate Profile

    Leveraging the experience of industry leaders, RIG-US delivers mission proven turn-key solutions for specialized emergency response, increasing resource effectiveness and asset performance.

    RIG-US delivers world class instruction on technical search and rescue, enhancing your agency's operational readiness to perform in multiple environments providing for life safety, incident stabilization, and property conservation.

    Our dedicated professionals lead the way nationally by always seeking new knowledge, greater challenges; we represent the leading edge of our profession.


RIG-US Services

Capitalizing on the experience of industry leaders in aviation, public safety, and rescue, RIG-US provides customized turn-key training solutions and consultation with a focus on helicopter based rescue, boat based rescue, flood response, and incident management that make the client truly "Mission Ready".

All RIG-US courses address skill requirements relevant to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), FAA FARs, and the National Incident PlanningManagement System Search and Rescue and Rescue (NIMS SAR) credentialing documents.

RIG-US provides equipment that exceeds standards and enhances the capability of local, state, federal, and international agencies to meet your operational requirements.

Whether a single piece of equipment or a complete mission ready package; RIG-US can provide a wide range of equipment for your specific application. Through unique relationships with established manufacturers and contractors, RIG-US provides custom equipment design and testing to meet your specific applications.

NVG Hoist

RIG-US Corporate Approach

RIG-US takes a consultative approach to determining each client's unique requirements and then custom designs solutions to meet your specific organizational objectives.Instruction

Our training is designed to closely reflect the existing processes of your organization, ensuring a higher level of retention by the course participants and transitioning into increased performance and operational efficiency.

Meeting evolving challenges and maintaining peak readiness is no easy assignment. RIG-US delivers a comprehensive suite of affordable yet effective training and program development solutions. Our solutions are mission proven to improve resource effectiveness, reduce risk, and enhance asset performance.

Hoist HartHoistRIG-US Historical Performance

RIG-US founders developed and trained the proven and highly successful North Carolina Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Team (NC-HART). NC-HART is a highly specialized team consisting of National Guard aviation assets matched with State Emergency Management and local Emergency Services personnel to form a mission ready package that is second to none. This model is specifically designed to NCHARTinterface military and civil fire rescue services and is proprietary to RIG-US.

The RIG-US Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Team (HART) courses of instruction have been delivered to the states of North Carolina, South Carolina and Maryland. In addition, the RIG-US helicopter rescue program has been adopted by numerous local law enforcement agencies.

Jeremy InstructorRIG-US INSTRUCTOR CadreTraining

The RIG-US cadre represents a cross section of industry leaders developing cutting edge rescue programs and specialized techniques. The instructors share a philosophy that is based on the proven results of matching mission specific resources to achieve a comprehensive and seamless approach resulting in a "One Team - One Mission" environment.

RIG-US technical rescue instructors represent "the best of the best" for each discipline and are current employees of nationally accredited fire and emergency response agencies. Each instructor holds an internationally accredited instructional certification and maintains position specific credentialing.

RIG-US pilot trainers are FAA CFII and/or Military Instructor Pilots in their respective aircraft. The crew chief trainers are all military rated SI or FI in their respective aircraft.

Photos courtesy of: PatrickSchneiderPhoto.com, S. Neal, B. Christiansen, and multiple RIG Instructors.

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